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About Us

About Us

Broker selling software licenses.

Technical support team works remotely remotely.

Location "PASSWORK.PW"; Is a platform to sell and purchase software license keys, operating systems, and direct technical support remotely, we are at   "PASSWORK.PW" We are providing software licenses at premium prices. We have provided the best digital shopping experience   For many of our clients since the establishment of the site in 2018 individually with abundant experience in the technical and technical field, and then participated the team of technicians in the development of this site.

We at PASSWORK.PW provide official licenses for programs at the best possible price, and we have been working with the team since the beginning of 2019 to develop the concept of after service Sales By creating a direct online technical support platform, to solve customer technical problems remotely, customers can apply for this feature independently By allowing access to the client's machine, working on technical repair and providing specialized advice for possible repairs.

With the launch of the year 2019, we have provided a direct technical support service "remotely" as a service can be ordered online.

The secret of our success .. What you see is what you get:

There are no additional costs on the prices displayed on our website nor service charges. After the activation process is complete, there will be no need to activate the product again. All the features, services and prices displayed on the product page are what you will get.

Is an original license key:

The activation key for the product you will receive is an official license of the owner of the program. Once the activation process is completed successfully, you can take advantage of all the features of the program supported by the owner, and you can request assistance directly through the owner's technical support.

After the product activation process is completed successfully, there will be no need to activate the product again in the future.

all the time:

Our customers can request a key to license their software from their website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Orders and delivery are handled in a very short time.

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