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Customer Agreement

Customer Agreement:

All products are digital products.

When you buy from "PASSWORK.PW" you authorize us to search for this product according to the price and specifications listed on each product page.

The customer is granted a guarantee that the product activation key is valid for use.

The customer must read the details of each product well and make sure they meet their needs.

Our responsibility ends when a valid Activation Key is delivered to the customer, and the customer is solely responsible for activation.

We do not take responsibility for any technical problems or software installed on the client's computer that prevents activation of the software.

The customer must read the product instructions and make sure that his or her computer matches the product before completing the purchase.

We are not responsible for not following the instructions of the company producing the program in relation to the process of activating its products.

We assume that the client will use the activation key when it is received directly. If the client does not detect any activation issues within 24 hours of receiving the activation key, the activation key will be considered already in use.

We are entitled to refund the amount to the customer, and cancel his application without stating any reasons.

Customer may not request a full refund or part of it in the processing period.

Customer may discuss any of these items through our channels of communication.

All such terms are subject to change or modification at any time without notice. Site management is not required to announce any updates made to these terms.

Warranty Policy

In cases of digital products:

The activation key can be replaced if it does not match the customer's request or if the product fails to activate.

If a digital product exists, the customer must use the key once it is received. If we do not receive a complaint within 24 hours, we will consider that the customer has used the key.

The entire amount or part of it will not be refunded if the client computer does not meet the activation key requirements.

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